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Professional cleaning and repair of Oriental and area rugs in Murray Hill, NYC. Green products, free pick up, 100% guarantee.

Oriental Rugs Are Works Of Art

At ABC Oriental Rug Care, we’ve been repairing and restoring Oriental and area rugs for over 20 years and, without a doubt, we understand just what they mean to their owners. With their rich colors, unusual - and often stunning - designs, fine weaves, they are exceptionally beautiful and if well cared for, will last for decades. Moreover, if they have been woven from silk, then their value may be even higher because of their high-knot count (which denotes more labor having gone into the making of the rug). Constructed (and named after) villages and regions in China, India, Afghanistan and Iran, they really are works of art.

We offer a wide number of services related to rugs and carpets in Gramercy Park, Murray Hill and all across New York City and the five boroughs. These include (but are not limited to) Oriental and area rug cleaning, repair and restoration techniques, carpet cleaning and wall-to-wall-installation. Our years in the business have taught us something very important - that Oriental rug has unique features - a Chobi Ziegler is different to a Bakhtiari, and a Gabbeh is no Abadeh. Luckily, we have the skill and expertise to differentiate their weaves and treat each piece with the individual care it deserves.

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ABC Oriental Rug Care

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