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We offer a range of Oriental rug & carpet cleaning, and installation services in Gramercy Park and NYC. Affordable prices, 100% guarantee.

Choose Carpet For the Ultimate Cosy Look

At ABC Oriental Rug Care, we’ve been in the carpet and rug business for many years, which means we are well aware of why carpet is such a popular choice with our customers. It gives a feel of luxury to your room, it's soft on your feet (compared to tiles or wood) and it’s a cozy option in long NYC winters. And with all styles and designs you can choose from. you can inject a whole new look into your room - ideal for any wannabee interior designer!

Installing carpeting also means you don’t have to use area rugs in your home or office. Carpet absorbs noise and keeps heat in, which is something to be grateful for in the long winter east coast months. Moreover, it is by far and away the safest option for young children and elderly relatives - who are more prone to falling and breaking limbs than everyone else. Carpet will cushion their blows and means you don’t have to worry as much about broken limbs - it really is a good way to protect those you love.

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We Can Clean Your Wall to Wall Carpet Too!

What we also know, however, is that deep beneath the surface of your carpet are a few things that you’d rather not pay attention to. Nevertheless, just because you want them to go away, they won’t. Everyday wear and tear leaves dirt and grime in the fibers, but something more unpleasant too - allergens and dust mites. That’s why we offer a deep cleaning service, with industrial machinery, which really blasts away at stains, spots and odors, leaving your wall-to-wall carpet smelling fresh and looking wonderfully clean.

We offer a same day appointment service for rug and carpet assessment (if you call before noon) and only employ the most highly-qualified and efficient technicians. We promise you a courteous and professional service, with minimum disruption to your daily schedule. Our prices are very reasonable and we offer a 100% guarantee on every job - that means if you aren’t happy, just let us know and we’ll send someone back to rectify the problem. Ultimately, if you are not satisfied then we are not satisfied.

Pick up the phone now and speak to one of our friendly customer representatives, who will be glad to advise you further on the many services we offer and give you a free, no-obligation quote.

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